Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PROCRASTINATION AND I are old comrades, - we have been together for as long as I can remember. We have a rather competitive relationship. Sometimes I have the upper hand, and things fly as I am imbued with passion and desire. Sometimes Procrastination has me firmly in his grip as I dawdle and dally, invent distractions and look to Tomorrow when all things will be accomplished and I will feel virtuous and in control again.

TOMORROW - what promises it holds today! And as tomorrow passes, without accomplishment, and the new tomorrow dawns, but is filled with idle errands and fatuous pleasures, - and IT is followed by days and days of the same ilk- finally, the Procrastinator, (or THIS Procrastinator at least, becomes bored with lazy days and mindless activities, and is challenged to Seize the Day!

I am hoping that I have arrived at this stage, and that tomorrow when Husband goes off to his singing morning, my body will make a left turn at the loom room, will sit itself down on the bench and commence the lovely, meditative throwing of the weft.

I try not to think about the disruptions that often accompany this activity, - the times I stop to choose a tape to play in accompaniment, - the bolts that become loosened and require me to crawl under the loom and make everything ship shape again, - the bobbin runs out of silk and I must go and wind another, - or perhaps I will wind two or three at the same time, and that can dispose of ten minutes of precious weaving time. Ah me, - I must be strong of will, stiffened with determination, and eventually the passion for what I am doing will conquer the old enemy.

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