Saturday, September 22, 2007

O when, O when will my ego let me rest and prepare myself for the rocking chair and the knitting needles.

When I think Knitting Needles do I think "cotton dishcloths" ?

NO, - I immediately am drawn to knitting socks on two circular needles - a mystery to me now.

But also a Challenge.

I could do that.......

What fun........

Where, and How Soon can I get instructions and the necessary needles.
Being the shame faced owner of a 60 year old stash of needles and yarn, taking up space in the second walk-in closet that is sorely needed for other things, finding the necessary tools to take along on this Knitting adventure is really not a problem.

What really is a problem is that I promised Husband and myself that I would finish the warp on the Glimakra and prepare the loom for storage, so we could reclaim the room it dominates.

The Promissory Note comes due on the 30th of September, and it is blatant evidence of an ego out of control that I should even be thinking of taking on another project, - let alone sitting here writing about it.

I shall slink away to the card table and put all thoughts of circular socks out of my head while I strive to beat Husband at the nightly game of cards.


Willo said...

You amaze me. I love reading your thoughts about the activities which you have embraced.

I am 72 and feeling inadequate more often than not.

My Finnish Grandmother made rag rugs on a loom her own father had made of the local lumber of the high plains prairie that they pioneered.
A faithful reader, Willo

Hildred said...

Thank you Willo, - don't be amazed, - I'm just a very ordinary person who loves to write, but DRIVEN. My sister says it is being a First Born.....

I have a Finnish friend who brought her looms from the Old Country, but she farms now more than she weaves.

Would love to visit your Blog, - can you send me an address please?