Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sitting on the sidewalk,

Eating my Cherries,

Floating my Balloons,

And just watching the

Parade pass by.....

The action is all with the young crowd these days, - new babies - new venues - new adventures - new directions - shedding old habits, taking up new ones and just generally Living the Parade of Life.

Husband and I watch, as sadness and disappointment are followed by happiness and joy.

We note the grasshoppers and the ants, the paraders who are about to step into a manhole and the ones who soar above the Parade, in search of a goal.

I may sit on the sidewalk, rejoicing in those who are skipping through the roses, and sighing for those who have strayed into the weeds, catching my breath at those who court disaster and smiling with happiness for those who embrace joy and contentment.

But beyond a VERY occasional, small, quiet whisper, "Watch Out" my role in life is to gather together the memories and stories of my own Parade, holding them close to keep me warm as I sit and watch the ones I love finding their way.

And just being a warm receptacle of love, cheering them on as they pass by....

I want to tell you though, - it's bloody frustrating.....

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