Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Intentions

and the Road to Hell.......

I look at the calendar and am shocked to find that less a half a day we have reached the exact middle of August.

And what's a half a day to a dilitente like me.....

I was so full of Good Intentions as I tore July's heated pages off the calendar. I made rough lists on big lined stick-ems, put them up on the wall above the computer and resolved to try my best to follow the path which would fulfill the aims and goals I had set for myself.

Ah, - is where the plan became so badly skewed. I have had a considerably long time to fine tune the art of procrastination, and a list (unless it is an absolutely final desperation list, designed to meet an impending deadline) seems to set off within me a laggardly chain of neglect that manages to put the carefully constructed list right out of my cotton pickin' mind.

Now, this is not just a list scribbled out in the heat of a moment of determination, - ah no. I found a nice leather bound Journal that I had been saving for a special occasion, and quite elegantly copied into it the AIMS and GOALS that once achieved were to make me feel virtuous and well ordered.

Alas and Alack, a lifetime of finding inspiration from deadlines has left me dallying and drifting whenever the pressure is off. And why, at the age of 82, do I feel no pressure to prepare for the inevitable? Denial? Or just too full of living.....

August has been hot, - traditional "dog days". Not the kind of days that inspire full steam ahead activity.

September will be cooler, - always my favourite month, and one that I find filled with Good Intentions.

Will it be another pothole on the Road to Hell, I muse - it will unless I improve my paving skills, and transform my Good Intentions into furious activity.

I am so easily distracted, - an evening on the computer, - a morning in the garden - a little nap after lunch and a good book to read.........tut tut and oh, dear me

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