Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Evening Light and the Similkameen Hills

It is Friday evening, the last breath of June. The day has been a little cooler, and tonight there are clouds in the sky which temper the light from the setting sun and enhance the shadows on the Hills.

I go outside and take two or three pictures, and then come back into the house.

The clouds move, and over to the east, across Daly Bluffs, a faint rainbow draws me outside again.

I follow the sun to the north, to where the lower bench of the hill is illuminated. The shadows of the clouds continue to move, and change the pattern on the hillside.

Truly a splendid sight.

The showers move into the Cawston Basin, softening the vividness of the setting sun and casting a misty presence.

Full of a quiet and yet astounding beauty, - this Valley tugs at the heart and delights the senses.

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