Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Frustrations, frustrations! Weeping, and gnashing of teeth.

Vista appears on my computer screen, looking pure, ethereal and delicate with it's veil of pale, diaphanous green.

I am beguiled, and after Grandson Guru has installed the basics I am enthusiastic and eager to get all in order. Everything where it belongs, - no qualms about lost information or missing addresses. After all, I've had experience!! Never mind that at the age of 82 some of that experience escapes my memory!

In 1982 #1 son gave me a Timex Sinclair. WOW - what an interesting time that was. Did Timex use Fortran or Dos? Whichever, it was a challenge and an absorbing experience to create small programs that astounded me and all whom I seduced into watching.

Shortly after I acquired a Tandy, and for a number of years kept books on it, composed newsletters, and kept in touch with hundreds of sheep breeders.

There was a time after that when we did not give house to a computer, and the time was good and fair.

But this period of calm didn't last and soon Bill Gates had me in his clutches and I was a lost soul

Computers have opened up many new paths for me, - I have found knowledge, inspiration and creativity hiding behind the monitor, - it has puzzled me how much more information is available in that small space the thin monitor sports in comparison to those big bulky affairs of early years!! And where is there room for the little men who are built in to astound and confound old ladies!

This betrays my lack of computer science, but I am learning. And learning fast.

Monday was spent acquiring knowledge slowly and painfully, but after having downloaded drivers for the scanner and the sound device I felt it would be a cinch to bring the printer up to date. Monday morning I was bright and confident .

By Monday night I had a jaundiced eye. I was totally devastated and bewildered that a strict and careful attention to instructions could result in so little success.

Husband has always maintained that you are born with a feeling for machinery, - and if this is so that gift was evidently not bestowed upon me.

and so I continue to tear my hair, wipe the tears of frustration from my eyes, and plod on stalwartly, - onward and upward.

But I look forward to the day when the Guru Grandson returns and creates order out of the chaos my printer is spewing out.

I am left with the feeling that experience is no match for natural aptitude!

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