Monday, May 21, 2007

Nostalgia - a malady that prevents progress on the current picture project; main symptom is a raising of the melancholy level, counteracted by an excess of tender smiles and endearing memories. The condition can be brought on by surrendering to sentimentality OR by a realization that one is getting quite antique, and still the pictures of a lifetime remain in numerous boxes, unsorted, unmarked and in no condition to be left behind when we catch the Express to the next destination.

It may occur to the patient suffering Nostalgia brought on by this last condition that all could be remedied by intensive sorting, marking, scanning, filing, and distribution to those interested.

However, to those of creative bent this sounds like a very mundane and tiresome task. How much
more exciting to hand these pictures down in the form of a slide show, a power point presentation, or wait! Why not a movie!!!!

Marvelous idea - but the reality is that to accomplish this creative cure one must still undertake the intensive sorting, the marking, the scanning, the filing before starting on the fun part of this creation. The actual movie, - which I have discovered needs constant revision, editing, and is better tackled in Reels - can also bring on re-occuring attacks of the very condition it is supposed to cure.

So here I am this evening, wallowing in Nostalgia, smiling tenderly at pictures of children and grandchildre
n, New Year's Eves spent with dear friends, trips, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, even Husband's semi coming around the bend on a snowy day, - pets long gone, and dear ones who we will never see again, - places we will never re-visit, activities which were once so much part of our lives.

Is this a case of the cure being as bad as the malady itself. I ask myself.....

Ah well, if so, it is a pleasant way to while away a few hours, and surely the Express is not leaving all that soon, - there will be other evenings to scan and sort and mark and drift into another attack of blue, blue Nostalgia.

This comment has the Hallmark of Procrastination, but that is another underlying cause of the Nostalgia that now assails us!!!


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