Monday, May 07, 2007

Here is the Man with the Machine that he cherishes - the one practical link he has to the busy years that preceded this Golden Age of Retirement.

Happy is the man who can retain even a small portion of that part of the past to which he has had such an affinity.

Can you see the smirky grin he has on his face!!

And here is the crop of Golden Dandelions he is in the midst of reaping. A beautiful stretch of sunny pasture that we have enjoyed for a few days, but it is time now to store the picture away in memory before it changes into a waving field of white seeds flying hither and yon, spreading this golden glory all over the countryside.

It causes one to ponder about what distinguishes a "weed" (I hesitate to call Dandelions noxious) from the flowers we nurture in our gardens, and if somewhere Someone is scratching His head at our ingratitude for the beauty that abounds in the wild places of the earth.

Tomorrow when we go to Penticton I will take pictures of the Balsom Root (Sun Flowers) which are so beautiful on the mountainside, but which harbour the pestilent tick that is so dangerously persistent when it invades our bodies.

Off to have a game of cards with the happy reaper!

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