Wednesday, May 02, 2007

After the Rain

Husband went out and took pictures of the thirst quenched valley, green and refreshed after a day of intermittent rain. Not just showers, - honest to goodness rain!!! April's parting gift to May....

He was a little premature in thinking that the precipitation had moved on. Soon the clouds gathered again, and we had another hour of rain in the valley and snow on the surrounding hills.

A little clear sky emerged to make way for a gentle sunset, reflected in a puddle in the back yard.

And in the sky a blue backdrop for sunlit feathery clouds.

The orchards and the green, green grass present a picture of spring beauty as daylight fades in the west, and the clouds gather once again in the east.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more showers, and one wonders how the river fares....

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