Saturday, April 28, 2007

Exploring new Paths

A few days ago we received a talking head video from No. 2 Son and Highly Favoured Daughter-in-law. We were so pleased, surprised and intrigued. Kept nodding o
ur heads (Husband's head and my head - no two- headed people around here) smiling, and answering back. This was something I had to learn how to do! It opens up lots of possibilities of communicating with friends and relatives in remote places, and is so wonderfully personal.

Sometimes I can hardly fathom the marvelous ways we have of communicating. A little cameo - I am visiting at a family friend's when I was possibly about six, and listening to a radio program while we were having lunch. Did we have a radio at home at that time? Certainly my father had a crystal set in the basement that I remember, and shortly after I was able to catch a little bit of Ma Perkins at noon while I waited for a friend so we could walk to school together.

Now this amazing tec
hnology allows us to perch a little webcam on our smooth and skinny monitor and capture the pictures it takes and the sound of our voice as we talk. My webcam is not terribly sophisticated, and it looks like a little alien peeking over the top of the monitor, smiling with its one discerning eye.

I am easily distracted by new things and soon I was making one video, and then another, and another, and another.

Then I discovered that the recipients did not have the software to open the
se loving billets doux!

So I was off to scan the many programs that reside in my computer, unbeknownst and unused. When I found Window's Movie Maker I was surprised and elated to discover how easy it was to make a video that can by opened by Windows Media Player.

It came upon me that I could make a video of the garden in April, and when that was done I was inspired to make one of my parent's romance from the few pictures I
have of that era. It is accompanied by a tune that has tender reminders of them both, - but especially my mother. I have a vague memory of her sweeping the floor, and singing Ramona. (My father's favourite of that period was "Charmaine")

I am restricted to small videos, - e-mail will only accept a movie under 10 mgb. Thus my search for a way to publish on the net, - in a small way. Not YouTube, - much too public for private videos, made for a select and limited audience.

So I am looking for answers.....

How perfect to be entranced and intriqued as we age, and as this wonderful new technology enfolds.

While I wait for answers (or inspiration), here is a picture of the Garden in April.

And the opening picture of Cline and Dolly's romance.

with the picture it was extracted from.....

Circa 1922....

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