Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Swinging Door

Today Husband and I closed a door on a part of our life that has consumed a great deal of energy, required a great deal of commitment, and has brought with it a sense of accomplishment, a sense of frustration and dismal discouragement, much love and friendship, and finally, - closure.

The swinging door closes, and with an extra little push it opens on a brand new world where the sun shines, mild breezes blow, and the air is fragrant with the scent of freedom - figuratively speaking.

More time for this, - more time for that....with the Ego laid to a well deserved rest the mind gives us permission to frolic (so to speak!) The vista opens on a certain amount of liberty to pursue things that have for a long time been neglected. Visits to old friends, (the number of which seem to diminish with each passing year) so that this has a priority that we ignore at the risk of melancholy regret.

Time and the inclination to pack a picnic lunch and go exploring, perhaps with a fishing rod packed in the trunk in case we find a pleasant stream.

Time to dream dreams and make plans for the back yard - to plant some more trees that we will probably never see come to maturity, but which will give us shade and pleasure for the years left to us.

Time to weave with some kind of serious commitment to it.

Time for music, and reading and irresponsible hours. (Can two depression raised people ever achieve irresponsibility???)

Time for husband to cultivate the habit of casual coffee and lunch visits with friends and to organize his workbench for happy hours of fixing and fiddling.

Most importantly it is time to wake to a day free of fretfulness about dissension. That is a wonderful gift - life is how we perceive it, and a mind freed from dratted worry is a mind alive and open to new adventures.

Perfect days! Happy days! Now, if I can just get the loom to gather herself together and start to work in harmony, - shafts, lamms and treadles all working in sweet cooperation, - what bliss!!!

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