Friday, January 05, 2007

A little lull in the bitter cold of winter has given us two lovely sunny days. They bring back memories of winters on the prairies when I was a child, and the sun shone brilliantly in a bright, blue sky. And the touch of cold stirred my young blood into the most delightful activities, - walking in the snow, skating on the nearby rink, skiing and sleighing on the golf course hills in Edmonton.

Winter is not as delightful as it once was, but I can still enjoy these sunny days, and the flowers that live in our house while snow blankets the garden.

The amaryllis was slow in blooming, and missed Christmas by a few days. But the paper whites have been enjoying the light and coolness in the big bathroom for a couple of weeks, - so much so that I hate to move them out from where they are evidently luxuriating. The kitten and I enjoy their fragrance whenever the spirit moves us to visit.

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