Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The objects of my affection...

Our new garden.........into August and holding up pretty well considering all the heat and the lack of rain. Today we had a short and gusty wind and rain shower, - the first in a number of months. The rain fell in horizontal sheets, and the flowers and trees bent down in thankfulness.

The rain has cleared the smoke from the Winthrop fire in Washington, but while it was here the hills in the valley were shades of blue, mysterious and beckoning.

We go on into August, and tonight when Casper and I went strolling there was just a hint of September in the air, - a welcome relief from the dog days of summer.

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Donna H said...

Just wanted to tell you that I have been visiting your blog. I love your writing style - it is such that you project feeling and emotion into your words that allow the us, the reader, to be able to imagine being right there with you and experiencing the same effect on our senses that you feel.

Great reading - I look forward to many more.